Thursday, June 30

Inheritance over Interfaces?

I was looking through Microsoft's Design Guidelines for Class Library Developers, and was a bit shocked to see this advice: "Use base classes instead of interfaces whenever possible."

My experience has been that inheritance is not much fun, and interfaces are great. Anyone want to discuss?

Friday, June 10

Trust Me, I'm a Manager

Since my last post (has it really been 6 months?) I have taken on the role of Iteration Manager for a team of 6 developers, part of a larger long running Agile project.

despite my fervent belief that the most important attribute of a good agile manager is Demonstrating Trust I've had some unexpected problems doing just this.

The first week in the role, I found myself checking up on the team every 10 minutes. I'd look up from my machine and say things like "do you want a pair for that?" and "How is that story card going?". To put it mildly, this behavior started annoying the team very quickly.

Since that rocky start, I think I'm getting better at letting go. I've restricted my outbursts to a couple of times a day (often at the standup), but I still get the feeling I am powerless to control the outcome of the iteration without direct intervention.

The big surprise for me was that after years of judging my managers ("They're showing a total lack of trust, and are clearly lacking people management skills") I find myself suddenly in their shoes. And their incompetence suddenly seems different from here. Ouch.