Friday, June 10

Trust Me, I'm a Manager

Since my last post (has it really been 6 months?) I have taken on the role of Iteration Manager for a team of 6 developers, part of a larger long running Agile project.

despite my fervent belief that the most important attribute of a good agile manager is Demonstrating Trust I've had some unexpected problems doing just this.

The first week in the role, I found myself checking up on the team every 10 minutes. I'd look up from my machine and say things like "do you want a pair for that?" and "How is that story card going?". To put it mildly, this behavior started annoying the team very quickly.

Since that rocky start, I think I'm getting better at letting go. I've restricted my outbursts to a couple of times a day (often at the standup), but I still get the feeling I am powerless to control the outcome of the iteration without direct intervention.

The big surprise for me was that after years of judging my managers ("They're showing a total lack of trust, and are clearly lacking people management skills") I find myself suddenly in their shoes. And their incompetence suddenly seems different from here. Ouch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to maturity, :)

1:30 pm  
Blogger ROhan said...


Nothing worse than becoming a Manager manager.

10:56 pm  
Blogger Joshua Graham said...

LOL - that's why you're such a good coach in the XP Games.

You probably use the following Fragile techniques and Resign Patterns:

* Intervention of Control
* Continual Interruption
* You Asked For It, Now You're Gonna Get It
* Big Dunce Up Top

I'm sure there's more. Let's start a list. See you tomorrow night mate.

10:39 pm  

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